Extending Youth and Life Through Telomerase

Who We Are

It all started one afternoon in 1993 when our founder, Barney Folger, was taken to the hospital while complaining of chest pains. Turns out he was having a heart attack, and he had an artery with a 98% occlusion. The doctor performed an angioplasty, told him to change his diet, and sent him on his way. Barney changed his patterns completely, following everything his doctors were telling him to do. Turns out, they were wrong. Barney had a second heart attack. While in the emergency room, the blockage in his arteries was 99%, and the doctors had to use paddles on him to get his heart going again. He realized that he needed to make a change, since following the doctor’s advice obviously didn’t work.

Once he was released from the hospital, he started doing his own research. He found that many doctors and scientists had already found the answers to all his questions, plus a whole lot more that he wasn’t focusing on at the time. He found that natural products were the answer to most of the ailments that have been plaguing our society, needlessly killing off our loved ones. He found out that what most doctors are suggesting is not effective at all, and that their suggestions are even causing the problems to get worse and causing other problems that did not exist before since the pharmaceutical drugs do not react well with the body.

Through doctors and scientist’s research, many of whom are Nobel Laurites, life and youth extension is attainable. Answers to major problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Fibromyalgia are already available, through natural elements, without causing the third largest killer in the U.S., which is death caused by pharmaceutical drugs. These natural elements even help with what most consider to be minor problems, such as colds and flu, wrinkles, and high blood pressure. What most people don’t know is that these “small problems” are triggers and indicators for the major problems. Everything that happens in your body feeds off one another. If your immune system is weak enough to get a cold, it can open up the possibility for more severe problems. This is where our research comes into play. It all starts with what you consume.

Remember our health preamble: If what eat will cause you to get fat, it will cause cancer. If it will cause cancer, it will cause diabetes. If it will cause diabetes, it will cause heart disease. Changing your diet, eliminating the sugar and carbohydrates that most people consume, and adding the proper elements back to your body is what can help you and your loved ones to achieve and maintain life and youth extension.